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Modern Media School was created by me, Coach Craig Rowe, as an e-learning platform to help you start a podcast (and in the future, perhaps a YouTube channel) at your own pace.

As MMS founder I want to help you achieve your modern media content creation goals sooner. e-Learning options are provided where a Do-It-Yourself approach can save you time and money.

Training for your content creation journey can be provided as online instruction, in person training/workshops or a done with you approach (for local business in South East Queensland).

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As your content marketing coach, I will work to understand your challenges and the challenges of your target market/audience.

I will support you from concept to content creation and will provide actionable tasks and strategies for you to implement and measure.

If you or your team seek a better understanding of audio or video content marketing, be sure to reach out.

My coaching also includes audits of existing marketing approaches to identify new opportunities.

Please contact me for an initial $199 - 60 min introductory consultation.


Are you looking for an experienced creator to provide feedback on existing content marketing strategies?

I can audit your existing content to determine if your key messaging is clear and hitting the mark.

Reviewing your analytics and data and conducting research I will provide ideas and opportunities to implement new and/or improve your existing strategy.

Audits allow us to work together to improve your marketing efforts.

Use the contact button below to express your interest, cost vary based on the complexity of the service required.

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I can help you develop and implement the right marketing distribution strategy for your content.

I will help you identify the best approach to smoothly and successfully share your modern media content.

Having a clear strategy will help you focus time and attention to avoid unnecessary tasks and mistakes.

So, if you are looking to improve your content marketing efforts, then book an initial consultation to see how we can work together to achieve the outcomes you need.

Please contact me for an initial $199 - 60 min introductory consultation.


Are you looking for a keynote or corporate speaker to share insights into modern media content marketing strategies for business?

I can prepare and deliver a valuable, engaging, educational and entertaining experience for your business or industry explaining how people can leverage/employ content to work as a digital employee to grow reach, respect and revenue.

Speaking fees and collaborations are negotiable.

Please use the contact form to express your initial interest.

Crag A Rowe Keynote Speaker


Modern Media School

My online courses are self-paced with a 3-month period in which to complete each course. Some courses are more involved than others and therefore will take more time to complete. Should you feel you need an extension due to unforeseen circumstances please contact


Yes, I will be on hand to help people who are stuck at certain points within any course I produce to help move them forward if needed. Support requests should be by email or chat in the first instance.


Yes. However, such training comes at a considerable cost compared to other learning experiences I offer and how this learning is delivered will also play a factor. Please email me with an expression of interest if you require this level of service.


Yes, the cost is dependent on time, location and content delivery (e.g., online or in person) connect via my email or the contact page with your expression of interest.


Content coaching and consultancy involves assessing your existing position, determining your desired outcomes, and setting realistic goals and actionable strategies to help you build a strategy that will work for you 24/7, like a digital employee.


Every brand or business is different therefore a one size fit all approach to costing is not possible. Costs are linked to your desired outcomes and the ways you can measure growth and success. Therefore, the cost is somewhat relative to what success means to you. The more ambitious your goals, the higher the cost will likely be. The size of your existing business and market share will also play a part in determining cost.


Audits are assessments of your existing audio (podcast) or video (YouTube) content and your existing approach. I use data analytics to determine and advise you on opportunities to grow. I make relevant suggestions based on proven approaches relevant to your platform. Audit services follow a specific review and coaching session structure with an actionable report at the end for you to implement.


My greatest asset to help you stand out from the crowd is my Australian accent which many in the U.S. and other parts of the world seem to enjoy. My voice is most suited to corporate audio (corp-cast/podcasts), audio sponsorships/advertising, product reviews and video content like, ‘how to’ or instructional/informational and explainer videos. I am a qualified journalist and former award-winning community radio announcer. I possess a deep and rich, late night radio DJ style voice with a chill resonance. 


Yes. I am set up to narrate audio books within a business, motivational or self-help genre. Connect with me to discuss specific project/s.


Audio editing is for spoken word content including podcast or internal audio productions for business (i.e., Corp-casts or audio newsletters). The basic option cleans up audio to reduce reverb, sibilance, plosives, breaths, mouth clicks, hums etc… More advanced editing would include editing/cutting of redundant content including ‘ums’, ‘aahs’ and filler words. Audio Length and initial quality will also play a factor in costing such services.

Launch strategies, when executed well, can make any digital product sell well. Together we will assess target markets, your existing base and identify strategies to help grow interest ahead of any podcast, YouTube or digital product launch. We will help you implement strategies where and if needed.

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