Are you overwhelmed by posting on social media for little reward?

What if I mentored you in a better way to build brand awareness, authority and increase your revenue over time? Interested? Read on.

Crag A Rowe Keynote Speaker

I'm Craig Rowe a content coach who offers audits of your existing content approach to diagnose potential problems and offer actionable opportunities to reduce overwhelm, save time and money. I have achieved amazing results in my own businesses, and now I help others to achieve the same.

Seeking to work smarter not harder creating content?

If you are not being intentional
about your content then you are
likely missing your mark. Connect
with me and I will teach you how
to create content that works for you
like a digital employee 24/7 year in
year out to grow reach, respect and

You, like many other business owners today, are trying to break through the noise to gain attention on social media platforms that offer little in the way of growth, and make you feel like you are just wasting time or are working for the platform.

As a content coach I help small business owners just like you get off the social media hamster wheel and start to implement an ever-fresh long-term digital assets strategy to help you, your brand and your customers/clients grow in an everybody wins approach.

Together we audit your current content strategy to diagnose your business marketing mix and identify whether you are putting time and resources into the right place.
I listen to understand both your pain points as a business, you’re positioning as a brand and your customer’s personas. Together we work to focus on the right content on the right platforms with clear intention about outcomes for you and those you target in a win-win process that can be duplicated time and again.
When it comes to creating digital assets and content to gain reach, to build authority or to generate leads, the opportunities become endless.
More businesses are taking advantage of today’s modern media landscape (not social media) than ever before. The question is, “Are you?”.
If you would like to find out more? Then why not book an initial consultation. If you proceed with a content audit, the cost of the initial consultation will be absorbed into the audit pricing.
I value my time as much as you value yours, so please no time wasters!

Not sure where to start?

You can join me online for an initial 60-minute discovery appointment to better understand your current process, potential needs and to get the audit process started.

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