About Modern Media School

Creating modern media content can be an exciting adventure, and it is important when starting out to seek the advice of others to avoid  pitfalls and learn from those who have gone before you.

Modern Media School is an Applaudable Media platform created by founder Coach Craig Rowe, with a mission to help educate and train small business owners to help them improve their content marketing and content creation. It will help you understand and employ proven strategies to help you gain reach, respect and revenue. Our mission is to fast track your learning and help you avoid common mistakes many small business owners and content marketing creators make. Given the dominance of the internet, the focus is a digital first approach helping businesses and brands get the most out of modern online media opportunities to reduce overwhelm, save time and earn more income. We offer done-by-you self-paced courses or done-with-you in person training services (South East Queensland only).

Established 2022.

Applaudable Media was founded by Coach Craig Rowe as a production house and training studio in South East Queensland.

With years of industry experience in graphic design, traditional media and content creation, Coach Craig Rowe has the knowledge and experience to help small business owners like you achieve amazing improvements and results for your business.

Craig can support you in developing a content marketing strategy that works like a digital employee for your business or brand 24/7 year in year out. It all starts with a discovery call and then an initial content strategy audit. Book your consult TODAY!

Established 2022.


To help educate and train small business owners and their staff on how to create content and digital assets that work for the business like a digital employee 24.7 year in year out.


To reduce the overwhelm experienced by millions competing for attention due to poorly executed strategies that are a drain on resources for little result.


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