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all services are provided by applaudible


Modern Media School helps people learn digital content marketing.

We want you to achieve your modern media goals.

We support your podcasting/YouTube journey through courses, coaching and training.

Providing a supportive platform for you to grow and flourish as a modern media content creator.

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How to start a youtube channel modern media school


We work to understand your challenges and the challenges of your target market/audience.

We support you from concept to content launch and provide actionable tasks for you to implement.

If you or your team seek a better understanding of an evergreen digital content marketing strategy? Then please connect with us.

Please connect to arrange consultation services.


Searching for supportive audio editing services?

Quality audio is king on podcasts.

Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating your show.

Allow us to help improve your episode quality after each recording.

Please reach out and message us below for more details.

Podcast Launch Checklist Applaudible Modern Media School


Let us help you implement the right launch strategy.

We will help you identify the best approach to smoothly and successfully launch your modern media content.

Having a clear strategy will help you focus time and attention to avoid unnecessary tasks and mistakes.

If you are seeking a spoken word strategy for internal corporate (private) communications we can help with that too.

Contact us for more details.


Aside of our online courses, services are provided by Applaudible Media Marketing.

Our affiliated editing service cleans up common quality issues with spoken word recordings (sibilance, popping, clipping, clicks and hums etc).  As well as, ‘ums’ and ‘aahs’. Price is determined by episode length and the nature of edits required.

Yes. Applaudible can provide intro and outro production, sponsorship editing or production and basic Voice Over services to podcasters. Contact Us for more details.

This service is not currently available, but we plan to offer it in the future. Should you be interested in knowing about this service when it becomes available, please contact us.

Like with many creative agencies, each client’s needs and desired outcomes vary, therefore our pricing structure varies. We need to better assess what you require before we can provide you with a fee for service structure. What we charge is based on the value you will receive determined by the outcome you want.

We are fully aware some people like to attain free information from marketing agencies. We are not in the business of providing free advice. But we do provide free content and useful information in our blogs and FREE tools here on our site. If you are considering becoming a client, we do freely discuss your needs to help you determine whether we are the right fit. Email us with details of the services you require in the first instance and we can set up an initial free consultation. No creative is discussed during free consultations. Creative Strategy Advice is a paid service.

We will listen to your needs, provide advice on the best approach and offer proven strategies to help you achieve your goals. This may include actions you are required to implement or agreed services we may provide on a fee for service basis. Content marketing coaching and consultation starts at $1500.00 for 3 hours and ongoing fee for access charges can be arranged for recurring clients.

Our online courses are self-paced with a 3-month period in which to complete each course. Some courses are more involved than others and therefore will take more time to complete. Should you feel you need an extension due to unforseen circumstances pleases contact

Based on consultations, we may provide you with other services within our range of expertise or point you in the right direction by referring you to other service providers in our network, or outsourcing work to our verified partners as part of a project’s delivery. Where we are commissioned to do the work, we reserve the right to use our own staff, contractors or subcontractors who have been vetted by us to deliver the standards and outcomes we expect of our services in delivering outcomes for our clients.