The Rodecaster Pro II Audio Mixer

The Rodecaster Pro 2 from RØDE

Rodecaster Pro 2 Frontview

rode has released the rodecaster pro II

As a podcaster I am a big fan of the RØDEcaster Pro Digital Audio Mixer and can confirm the Rodecaster Pro 2 has been released and is currently available on Amazon and from the Rode store.

This next generation Rodecaster Pro 2 is an all-in-one production solution for podcasting, streaming, music production and content creation making it more versatile than its predecessor.

features look familiar but this is different

Considerable improvement has been made to features current users appreciate, along with some additional functionality which makes it more than just a mixer for podcasting.
Here are the specificiations:
  • Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps™ (-131.5dBV EIN, 76dB gain)
  • Four high-quality Neutrik® combo inputs for connecting both microphones and instruments, including guitar, bass and keyboards
  • Nine individually assignable channels for creating personalised mixer configurations, with six broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual faders
  • High-performance 1.5Ghz quad-core audio engine delivers peerless processing power
  • 5.5-inch high-definition, HDR color touchscreen with haptic feedback and auto brightness
  • Tactile rotary encoder for easy navigation and precise control over parameters
  • Dual USB-C interfaces for connecting to two computers and/or mobile devices simultaneously
  • Advanced Wide-Band Speech Bluetooth® connectivity for ultra-high-quality phone call integration or wireless audio monitoring
  • Studio-quality audio processing and effects on-board, including the legendary APHEX® Aural Exciter™, Big Bottom™ and Compellor™, EQ, compression, pitch shift, robot effects, reverb, delay and more
  • Professionally tailored channel presets and VoxLab™ processing editor for quick and easy set-up
  • Power via an included USB-C 30W PD adapter
  • Ethernet connectivity


Rodecaster Pro II Audio Mixer RØDE

so what is different?

The Rodecaster Pro II touch screen is said to be more responsive. 

You can mount the mixer on a stand, allowing you to free up space on your desk. 

The product is lighter and smaller than the original and is now powered via USB.

The channels are fully programmable to accommodate different devices being plugged in and customized layout allowing you to improve your work flow to best suit how you create.

There also appears to be forward and back shuffle buttons or “bank switching buttons” added below the programmable sound pads to help cycle through configured sound banks. A feature previously managed in the touch screen interface.

Oh, yeah and the sound pads are no longer referred to as sound pads, but rather “smart pads”. Why? Because they are programmable to help trigger events not just sound. Perfect for livestreaming and live performances etc.

Still powered by Aphex processing but with a higher degree of control and adjustments to filters like aural exciter, big bottom and compeller master leveler.

There is also a de-esser, noise gate, high pass filter and equalizer for each channel. 

You can make adjustments using the advanced editor, or if you want to keep it simple you can use the Vox Lab processing editor with which you can add depth, sparkle and punch. 

The Layout is noticeably different with the relocation of the record button and new headphone/monitor volume controls presented more practically with color LED corresponding to the relevant programmed channel.

A side and rear view of the Rodecaster Pro 2 shows an elevated angled touchscreen making it more visible and accessible to the user.

Rodecaster Pro II sideview

The Rodecaster Pro II also sideview shows a thinner profile than the previous model with rubber pads at each corner. Dimensions listed at 305 x 270 x 60mm, making it a smaller profile than the previous version.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Rearview Ports

Most revealing is the back of the mixer showing the addition of a couple of new ports including a RJ45 Ethernet port which will help RØDE push firmware updates more easily over the internet.

But notably the TRRS jack which is used to connect devices like phones and tablets appears to be absent as does the monitor jack which once appeared on the front of the original version.

The extra USB-C port allows for the connection of 2 computers or mobile devices, and the graphic shows a relationship with the micro SD card slot on the Rodecaster Pro 2, suggesting this is recommended for file transfer between the mixer and PC.

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity, providing the ability to switch and connect to multiple devices.

Customizable effects including robot, voice disguise, reverb, megaphone and more can also be assigned to smart pads for faster application.

A quad core processor with 12x more power than its predecessor, along with Revolution preamps boosting your tones to a whole new level.

Here are the full features and specifications are explained in this video from RØDE below.

A launch countdown

Mid May, a New Zealand retailer had inadvertently listed the product on their website ahead of the product’s future launch, but the listing has since been taken down.

But the “unofficial” announcement set the podcasting community a buzz on YouTube, Clubhouse and on podcasts.

We also shared a video to our YouTube channel posing the question? Is it REAL?

Of course, we knew it was, a tweet referring to the leaked images gave us insight into that fact. 

RØDEcaster pro 2 images leaked

perhaps this tweet from the manufacturer is enough

The images contain a QR code, which when scanned takes you to then redirects to YouTube
playing "Rick Astley's - Never going to give you up" an old click bait trope that leaves people guessing.

RØDE had officially announced the product with a countdown timer to its availability on their site and many retailers are now stocking the mixer which is already becoming a best seller among podcasters.

This is a full featured audio mixing console offering more options for more creators than ever before. 

Sleeker design, simpler user interface, more functionality and improved connectivity supporting musicians, voice over artists, live streamers, podcasters and social audio enthusiasts the world over.

Spoken word audio has just evolved.

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