How to Define Success

What does it mean to be successful?

Defining Success Modern Media School

what defines your success?

Have you ever considered how to define success, whether it be your own or others?

For some, understanding failure and success can feel a little overwhelming because they are constantly comparing themselves to others.

Your view of the world may shape your perceptions of who and what is successful.

The question should really be, WHO defines success, not what?

Success and failure is best viewed and understood from a personal perspective.

Some people fear failure, but let’s say what if FAILURE was not to be feared, and wealth were not measured by your bank account but by the value you bring to others?

It is interesting how we are taught to believe certain things to be true.

The beautiful things about defining success, failure and wealth are, you get to decide what they mean?

Some may argue, “No! Failure is failure, success is success and wealth purely monetary”.

Then my question to you would be – by whose measure?

It is always intriguing to me how a person can get 40% on a test and it is considered a failure, but that particular failure is built around expectation and a standard set by a system.

I would actually suggest, if you know more today, than yesterday, you have not failed. You see how easy it is to change perspective and give a different value or meaning to success.

Many disappointments are often derived from failing to meet certain expectations, including those often set for yourself or by others.

Even the slightest improvement in any aspect of your life could be considered a success.

For modern media creators this becomes an important perspective. Why? Because so many creators hang their success on likes, views, follows, subscribers etc.

These metrics change and creators are always trying to work out algorithms and get disappointed with inconsistent results.

Instead you should look at each piece of content you create in the same way A.I views its learning process including failure and success.

Artificial Intelligence does not fail, it in fact samples the world. It is trial and error which helps A.I. improve and become more successful at certain tasks.

So too creatives learn much from the process of trial and error which is a form of experiential learning.

But as a content creator it is easy to get caught up in the measurables, metrics and analytics which comes with the territory, when in fact the real improvement is always in focusing on the process.

The key to avoiding disappointment is often setting realistic expectations and understanding desirable outcomes other than those ‘glamour metrics’.

Metrics can certainly be used to help determine if you have hit or missed your mark, but every post, every piece and every creation is really just target practise.

The better you get, the more you hit the bullseye.

how do you define success?

Do you think others should define what success is for you?

It really is a matter of perspective.

And well, earlier we mentioned wealth. 

Let’s quickly address this concept of personal wealth.

It has been defined as “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.” and also, “a plentiful supply of a particularly desirable thing.”

So, is it possible by its definition, when you share knowledge or help others you are giving a supply of a particularly desirable thing?

Could knowledge actually be a desirable thing and could giving it freely make it plentiful?

Picasso Quote Modern Media School

therefore wealth...

It can be measured by an abundance of things.

You can have a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of ideas or have financial wealth.

But no doubt to accumulate any wealth, someone, somewhere usually had to taste much failure and success along the way.

When you get to define your own, failure, success and wealth, you actually give your own meaning (or definition) to life.

At Modern Media School we share these articles and produce our online courses to help you create a wealth of knowledge so you can learn from our failures and fast track learning.

How you define success, wealth and failure can impact your life in either positive or negative ways.

Something Picasso clearly understood.

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