How to Become a Podcaster

Want to learn how to Start A podcast?

learn how to start a podcast online.

E-learning is a great way to receive practical knowledge, advice, skills and training from experienced industry experts.

Modern Media School offers online courses which include video, audio, readings and exercises to help you learn how to create amazing content.

That is why we are excited to offer a course to help you learn how to become a podcaster.

Whether you are a beginner looking to start a podcast, or someone with a bit more knowledge who needs some guidance?

Or even perhaps an entrepreneur looking to turn podcasting into a business?

We will have a podcast course offer you.

Our courses consider your needs and abilities and guide you through the process to help fast track your knowledge and skills.

Taking you on the journey from initial idea, to a completed, ready-to-upload podcast episode.

We share information on improving sound quality and provide links to free software and resources you may use.

As well as giving you insights into the equipment you need and the process required to record, edit and upload your podcast.

We offer 3 levels of online instruction.

If you already understand audio editing and uploading files to the internet, then our intermediate course is our most affordable offering which focuses more on equipment, planning, quality and audio/show production.

For beginners we offer a modestly priced course which includes basic audio editing and how to structure your podcast as well as the content offered in the intermediate course.

While for entrepreneurs looking to potentially monetize their podcast, we have a masterclass.

This business focused course includes all the components of the other courses and adds legal considerations and information on possible ways to monetize your podcast.

is online learning for you?

Online learning is a great way to pace yourself to meet the time constraints of your already busy lifestyle.

We provide easily accessible resources to help you complete the course.

While taking the course, registrants can message us with questions regarding the course content if help is needed.

Engaging quizzes and tasks are set to keep you engaged in the learning process with the focus on you learning, understanding and acquiring the skills you need to become a podcaster.

expressions of interest?

If you are interested in finding out more about our next intake for online instruction, please register your interest by clicking the link below.

Podcast Launch Checklist Applaudible Modern Media School

Modern Media School’s online courses assume an intermediate level of computer literacy.

Here at Modern Media School, we share with prospective students a FREE successful podcast launch checklist to help beginner podcasters plan their shows.

We encourage you to download and fill out this document prior to participating in our online courses, webinars or in person podcast workshops.

what you will need?

learn from others with experience.

Craig-Anthony has 30 years-experience in graphic design as well as audio and video content creation. A journalism graduate from the university of Queensland he has contributed to content creation for government and private clients and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with learners. His ability to teach is drawn from his experience as an endorsed trainer helping teachers and coaches attain accreditation in the sports industry.

Craig-Anthony Trainer and Founder of Modern Media School

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