Creating modern media content can be an exciting adventure, and it is important when starting out to seek the advice of others to avoid  pitfalls and learn from those who have gone before you.

Modern Media School’s mission is to help educate the next generation of modern media content creators and digital marketers. Our goal, to fast track your learning and help you avoid common mistakes to find early success. Given the dominance of the internet, we focus on a digital first approach (courses, webinars, meetups). However, workshops and in-house training for local industries are available in South East Queensland, Australia.

Established 2022.

Modern Media School is an Applaudible creation.

Applaudible is a modern media marketing start-up with a big vision to help pioneer the spoken word content marketing industry.

Applaudible specializes in spoken word audio to help individuals and businesses give VOICE to their brand.

We can support you in developing an audio strategy to deliver timely communications via internal (private) and/or external (public) spoken word content to those who most need your message.

Established 2019. Rebooted 2022.

our Mission

Help educate the next generation of modern media content creators, content marketers, future influencers and entrepreneurs.

our Vision

To help 1 million people learn and start their modern media journey or career creating awesome modern media content to promote themselves or their business and serve their community.

our Values